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At Landscape Design Atlanta Experts, we are committed to delivering high class materials and workmanship on all our projects. As the top landscape design service in Atlanta, we are simply different because of our hyper focus on design and installation. We have been landscaping Atlanta for decades and our team is always the right choice. We understand the city laws, the weather, the common preferences, and what type of landscape provides you with the best return on investment. Atlanta is unique and so is our expertise. Hire the best locals to handle your outdoor plans. Regardless of the project size, we approach every project with the utmost professionalism and are extremely meticulous with the details. We have helped homeowners build pergolas, outdoor kitchens, patios, fire pits, artificial grass, and more. Our impeccable track record speaks for itself, backed by glowing reviews from satisfied clients. Get started on enhancing your yard with a free consultation with us today. Reach out to our team at 404-383-6137!

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Patio covered in a wooden pergola next to a brick building.


Boost the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your backyard with a pergola.

Outdoor kitchen with a grill.

Outdoor Kitchens

Our experts will create charming outdoor kitchens that will create the perfect outdoor cooking and gathering space for your yard.

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Hire the best patio contractor in Atlanta to enhance your front or backyard with elegant stones such as pavers or concrete

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Reviews from our previous clients

The initial virtual design consultation was very impressive. George walked me through the costs and provided very good tips. I have the construction scheduled in a few weeks, but so far I am very impressed!

Mason Carter

Atlanta, GA

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I got several bids and Landscape Design Atlanta Experts came in 2nd lowest. So affordable pricing and their work was very good for the price.

Atlanta, GA

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Tammy and his crew helped me install artificial grass for my lawn. I highly recommend them and will be using them again in the future.

Shannon Mayfield

Atlanta, GA

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Transforming your yard is our passion

Pergola with lights next to a firepit.
A garden with flowers and a bench in front of a house.
A pool with a pergola in the back.
A wooden pergola with swing benches.
A wooden pergola with a swing.
A blue couch under a wooden pergola.
A patio covered in a wooden pergoline.
Patio with a fire pit and seating area.
A fire pit sitting on a patio next to red chairs.

Landscaping Atlanta requires local knowledge and expertise


There are several challenges for all landscapes in Atlanta. The top challenge is the heat. Summer temperatures typically exceed 90 degrees. Heat-tolerant plants are highly recommended. Rainfall is another challenge. You must take good care of features like cooking grills, wooden structures like pergolas, and drainage. The water can rot wood, steel corrosion, and floods. We will help you address these issues through thoughtful designs and installation


    The soil of Atlanta is of red clay composition. It is dense which makes drainage difficult. When you are not properly diverting water into drains, it will lead to large bodies of standing water around your property. This, in turn, will damage both your landscaping and hardscaping features.

      Municipal Code

      Dealing with the city is always a hurdle with any landscape design project. Unfortunately, there is no way around this, but our team is here to help you navigate all the local laws. Here are some common ordinances to consider:

      • Water use: Despite having wet seasons with lots of rain, Atlanta still experiences drought. It is not uncommon to see restrictions on the amount of water used for your home. We typically curb these limitations by opting for drought-resistant plants and building out irrigation systems that make the most efficient use of water.
      • Building codes: The city will have guidelines on how you can build hardscaping features. These include retaining walls, patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and more. These codes are, for the most part, concerned with the height, width, and materials that are used.


      Maintenance is the biggest, but most crucial activity in ensuring that all your landscape features look as great as it can for as long as it can. Your drainage system should be checked frequently to make sure water is getting diverted away properly. Regularly trimming and pruning is important to maintain good health and look for your plants. Pergolas, patios, fireplaces, artificial grass should all be cleaned regularly. Any damages or pests that appear on any wooden structure should be addressed immediately. The list goes on and can easily overwhelm a homeowner. Hiring a crew to perform weekly or bi-weekly maintenance is a very economical way to take these duties off your hands once the project is complete.


        Our top priority is building and maintaining our high reputation. That begins with providing you, our clients, the best product and experience.

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        We work for you. Our mission is to design and build outdoor space that meets your needs.

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        We are the best landscape design company in Atlanta because of our meticulous process and expertise.

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        By hiring us, you are employing a team of absolute experts to work on the design and installation of your dream yard.

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        At Landscape Design Atlanta Experts, we strive to transform outdoors into spaces that are attractive and functional and tailor it to our clients’ preferences. Landscape design is the cornerstone of our business. With thousands of projects under our belt, we have fine-tuned the most efficient system for landscape design. We know the climate, the city laws, and all the common landscaping issues here. Our design and construction crew consists of team members with years of experience working in landscaping. We guarantee a stress-free experience with a high quality product to finish it off.

          What can I expect from working with Landscape Design Atlanta Experts?

          We provide an all-inclusive service for our clients. While you are not required to hire us for the construction phase, you may find it easier to let us handle it. This way, we take ownership of your project and make sure nothing gets missed in the process. This means that after our initial consultation, we come up with the design, material selection, and installation. We also can handle all job sizes. So whether you are looking to add a small retaining wall or redo an entire yard, we are here to help you!

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            How to hire the best landscape design company

            Even on the low end, landscape design projects are not cheap. Here are some critical factors to consider when hiring one:

            • Local expertise: Having experience working on projects near you may not sound important at first. However, consider the unique terrain that your property sits on or the laws restricting what you can do in your neighborhood. Overlooking either of these can result in extremely costly mistakes.
            • Services: Landscaping is a very big industry. Some companies focus on water features while others may specialize in lawn maintenance. At our company, landscape design is our focal service. We help reshape a portion or the entirety of your outdoor space with design and construction.
            • Minimum project size: Although most of our customers come to us for residential work, we also have commercial experience. However, there are other companies in Atlanta that only do commercial work and therefore have a much higher minimum price. We work with all budgets, so please reach out to us to get an estimate!
            Lush garden with brick walkway.
            Black pergola over outdoor dining area.

            Pergola builder in Atlanta

            We have built thousands of pergolas of all sizes and offer a variety of styles including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. If you need help choosing between the three, here are some things to make note of:

            • Wood: A classic option that never goes out of style. Wooden pergolas bring natural warmth to any space. It is highly customizable because it can be shaped into different styles and painted with different colors. If you enjoy the simple, rustic look, then wood is a fantastic choice.
            • Vinyl: A low maintenance, yet great looking option. Vinyl pergolas are very durable and are great at combating moisture and warping. It does not require to be re-painted or stained unlike its wood counterparts. They also come in a variety of colors and styles.
            • Aluminum: Aluminum pergolas provide a modern look to your outdoors. It is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion helping them last a long time. A great benefit of going aluminum is the ease of construction. They are typically pre-built so it can quickly be assembled by our crew, saving you money in labor costs.
            • Fiberglass: Fiberglass pergolas are strong yet lightweight. They are particularly good at resisting insects and rot, which makes them a very low hassle option.

            Outdoor kitchen

            Building an outdoor kitchen in Atlanta is an excellent way to add more livable square footage to your property. The extra space and functionality will boost your home’s curb appeal and property value. Outdoor kitchens serve as a central area for your family and friends to gather. It is perfect for the spring, summer and fall when you and your guests want to enjoy the outdoors. From built-in grills and ovens to refrigerators and sinks, we provide the full range of features. Depending on your needs and budget, we can add as little or as many pieces as you want. Our team has been incorporating outdoor kitchens into our landscape design and installation service for decades. Give us a call to see how we can include this beautiful facet in your backyard.

              Stone fireplace next to outdoor kitchen.

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